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Terms and conditions

By applying for FHT UK sponsorship you declare that: 

1. You are a woman or non-binary 

2. You have never done a triathlon race before 

3. You will cover any difference between the race registration fee, and the amount sponsored by FHT UK of £100

4. You are applying to a race in the United Kingdom (if your race is in the United States, please visit

FHT UK will cover up to £100 for the race fee registration (not inclusive of race day license, fees insurance, or other expenses associated to the event). We have a number of additional resources available that will further support you in your triathlon journey. Do ask our team about these. 

We ask you that in exchange, you provide us with a photo to use in our website/socials, a short story and a post-race report. For some gifted race entries from triathlon organisers, they might require some additional media content.


We hope in the future you can continue spreading FHT UK love by fundraising, sharing, and following our journey.

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