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Mel's First Tri Report: "I was determined to reach the finish line, bruises and all"

Mel finished her first triathlon sponsored by Fund Her Tri UK on 05/06/2023 at Blenheim Palace Triathlon.

Let me start with the main takeaway: this truly was an amazing experience, which I never thought I would ever do.

I was nervous going into it, as I know I’m not super fit or young anymore. However, the whole atmosphere of the day calmed me down and, as I approached the swim start, I actually said to my husband “I can do this”. And yes… I did it…. But how? I’m not sure!!

A bike crash on her first tri

I think knowing Fund Her Tri UK sponsored me made me determined to finish after being knocked off my bike at high speed only 3km into the cycle!!

That was my definite low… Lying tangled in my bike and not knowing what I’d hurt as I came down with a real bump and skidded - thankfully on the grass verge.

A kind gentleman stopped and picked me up. Checked I wasn’t bleeding or broken, fixed my chain and got me on my way again... with a broken front brake. But I got up, and I carried on determined to reach the finish line no matter what time, bruises and all!!!!

That was definitely the high of the day: crossing that finish line and getting my medal. By the way, the event organisers were amazing at the finish. They noticed I was scraped and bruised and took me off to the medical tent where a doctor checked me over immediately.

Lessons learned on her first tri

My main piece of advice for anyone thinking of giving triathlon a chance is to enjoy every moment of the day... But, please, be careful! And be mindful of more professional athletes, especially on the bike. They can go so fast past you and very close! I was clipped by one who was passing me on a narrow section, but I don’t have the confidence or the expertise to correct my bike, so that's how I ended up on the ground.

Funny enough, swimming is my strongest and weakest discipline. In the pool, I can swim like a fish all day long. But if you put me in open water, I will freak out at any fish, plants, things touching me. I lose my breath and have to refocus, which slows me down.

But these are all lessons learnt. And they won’t put me off - in fact, I am already looking to book another race, as I think I’ve got the triathlon bug! 😂

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to do this. I’m still buzzing - and, in addition to a finisher's medal, I also have some mega black bruises to show for my efforts!

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