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Lauren Vallee

Lauren is a USAT Level II Certified Coach and has been a high performance endurance coach for over 13 years. She is also a co-founder of the movement "With is Greather Than Againts" helping athetes adopting an attitude that we race to our highest potential with our competition not against them.  

Lauren started racing triathlon in her early 2005 and as she puts it she "wasn’t naturally talented”. In her first season she was 180 pounds and could barely run 11 minute pace.


Lauren had a dream of one day competing in the Ironman World Championship. Her desire for growth and her total commitment took her from being a newbie triathlete to finishing 9th in her group at the 2021 Ironman World Championship. She understands the determination, strength, and resilience needed to excel in sport, regardless of where one finishes.


Lauren is committed to growing the sport of triathlon and encouraging more women and non-binary athletes to take up the sport that has given her so much. “It’s important that women  feel confident having big dreams. Their passion and pursuits matter and are valuable. I am committed to helping women get everything they want out of their lives athletically.”


If you want to get in touch with Lauren, please email her and


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