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Help us to get more women on triathlon start lines

An entry to a triathlon doesn't sound like much - but it can be life changing. It starts out as a goal, something to aim towards. For many of us, that's all it was to start with. From there, we fell in love with the training, the hard times as well as the good. We met friends and formed communities. The training got us through those tough times when all you need is some fresh air and to get your heart pumping. And when we got to race day, it was like a celebration of all the training we'd done. We soon got addicted, finding new races to enter - and feeling like we needed to do something to pay it forward and spread the triathlon love.

We want to do our bit in making triathlon more accessible to women & non-binary individuals. We're a bunch of volunteers, and we rely on the generosity of the community and your donations to support our athletes.

All donated funds go directly to the race entries for women & non-binary athletes taking part in their first triathlon.


We are grateful for your support!


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