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Welcome to Fund Her Tri UK

Founded by women who love triathlon. From setting our sights on a big goal, to the positive mental health benefits, to pushing ourselves in training, to the community aspect and the friends we have met along the way, to crossing that finish line.


We're here for it all. But we don't see enough of us at the start lines and we are here to change this.


Fund Her Tri UK® aims to bring women and non-binary people into the sport of triathlon. We raise funds to support a number of initiatives that help reduce some of the barriers faced at entry level.


Our first triathlon was life changing and it will be as well for our supported athletes.

Our Story

Lynn Mattix founded Fund Her Tri in 2019 in the United States. Since inception, FHT has been sponsoring female athletes doing their first triathlon. 

Inspired by them, we founded Fund Her tri UK in October 2022 and became an official charity in March 2023.


Our mission is to bring more gender parity to triathlon by breaking down barriers faced by women and non binary people, particularly at entry level.  

Fund Her Tri UK is a team of women who love the sport. Since inception, we have been supported by the triathlon community, race organisers, coaches, and athletes looking for ways to support our mission and work. With all the kindness and generous donations, we have sponsored and supported dozens of first-timers and beginners in the sport. 

Thank you all​

Bianca, Co founder and Chair

What our athletes say

"Fund her Tri UK is so much more than just the race entry fee. The support from the community has been fantastic. I've met up with other athletes for training, attended webinars, had advice from experienced triathletes and was able to get discounted or gifted equipment. It's also great to feel part of something"

Jane, FHT UK athete

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we sponsor women and non-binary people competing in their first triathlon.


Follow us@fundhertriuk

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